Keith Morrell re-elected in Coxford

Keith has won in Coxford and re elected with 1633 43%. A great result and vindication for his stand with Don in opposing all cuts!


The result tonight has lit up the idea that fighting councillors can help build support for a real alternative to austerity. It is in sharp contrast to the close shave for Labour council leader Simon Letts who nearly lost his seat to UKIP after two years of implementing Tory cuts.


Keith said, “This result is a victory for the people of Coxford who fought to save local services and won an important victory to re-open our local swimming pool. It shows what is possible. Other significant results across the city for anti-cuts candidates shows the potential that exists for a new party. A party that stands up for working people, campaigns for jobs and housing and tackles the growing poverty that effects do many families in the city.”

Thanks to everyonefor their support and solidarity which ensured the message was heard loud and clear across Coxford and beyond, councillors have a choice, this one won’t vote for cuts and we need many more who will join his stand.


About Southampton Councillors Against Cuts

Councillors Keith Morrell and Don Thomas, the anti-cuts group on Southampton City Council committed to opposing all cuts in jobs and services. We campaign for the government to provide full funding to meet the needs of the city and restore funding cut since 2010.
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