Letter to residents, February 2014: “Politicians! They’re all the same! They’re only in it for themselves!”

Dear Resident,

“Politicians! They’re all the same! They’re only in it for themselves!”

How often have you heard that said, or even said it yourself? And who could blame you if you did? Trust in politicians is at an all-time low, because they tell you one thing when they want your vote, but do something different once they’re elected.

I was elected in 2010 to represent you on the City Council. In my election campaign I promised to be accountable to you and to do everything I could to protect and improve upon the public services that we all pay for and value, such as schools, leisure facilities, libraries, street cleansing and refuse collection – the things that help to make a community, and our area a decent place to live.

When I tried to honour the promise I made to you, and fought to save Oaklands Swimming Pool from closure, I was suspended by the Labour Group on the City Council and eventually ended up being expelled from The Labour Party.

You may have always supported Labour at the polls but recent local experience shows that the trust we all used to have in them can now no longer be relied upon.

But when I make the promise to you that I will not betray the loyalty and trust you are entitled to expect from me, you know from my track record that I mean it!

Yours sincerely                                          

Councillor Keith Morrell

Coxford Ward

 Southampton City Council Civic Centre Southampton SO14 7LY

tel: 023 8073 3453  e-mail: councillor.k.morrell@southampton.gov.uk


About Southampton Councillors Against Cuts

Councillors Keith Morrell and Don Thomas, the anti-cuts group on Southampton City Council committed to opposing all cuts in jobs and services. We campaign for the government to provide full funding to meet the needs of the city and restore funding cut since 2010.
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