Coxford Call March 2014: Rebel councillors no longer Labour

March BP

Honouring promises made

Most of you will already be aware that, although Keith and Don still represent you on the City Council, they are no longer Labour Councillors. That is because they refused to break their election promises to protect local services and jobs and they publicly opposed Labour’s cuts. Free to speak up for Coxford Ward

They didn’t forget that they were elected by the people of Coxford, Aldermoor, Lordshill and Lordswood, to protect local facilities such as Oaklands Swimming Pool and play centres, not to close them down.
Refusing to be gagged

Keith and Don knew full well that their defiance would have consequences, which they were willing to accept. They knew that they could only continue speaking up for the people they represent, and not be gagged, if they were no longer members of the Labour Group. Independent Councillors Putting People First

They have been overwhelmed with messages of support from local residents and from across the City for their stand and for their decision to become independent Councillors.



About Southampton Councillors Against Cuts

Councillors Keith Morrell and Don Thomas, the anti-cuts group on Southampton City Council committed to opposing all cuts in jobs and services. We campaign for the government to provide full funding to meet the needs of the city and restore funding cut since 2010.
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